Published: August 9, 2023

eLearning Industry Releases "State Of Employee Experience 2023" Survey Report

eLearning Industry releases the "State Of Employee Experience 2023" survey report and explores the expectations and reality of corporate training.

eLearning Industry

Presenting The "State Of Employee Experience 2023" Report

eLearning Industry has published a thorough employee experience report that sought to explore employee expectations for their professional development throughout their employment. The "State Of Employee Experience 2023" report uncovered discrepancies between the types of learning experiences employees seek out and what they end up receiving from their employers. In addition, it explores upcoming trends in corporate training as well as ways to improve employee onboarding, training, and engagement.

In the aftermath of the Great Resignation, nearly two jobs exist for every unemployed person in the United States. On top of that, employers are trying to make the positions they offer more appealing by providing numerous perks, such as unlimited PTO, higher salaries, flexible working arrangements, and more. However, employees don't seem to be receiving the one perk that matters most for their engagement and satisfaction: meaningful learning opportunities. In fact, 43% of the respondents find employee training programs ineffective and outdated. This causes the initial enthusiasm that accompanies a new position to be quickly replaced with disengagement and disinterest.

Another shocking statistic from this report showcases the need for reformulating onboarding practices, as one out of three employees report that bad onboarding has caused them to regret their new position. Although onboarding must be designed to ease new employees into the organization and their responsibilities, many companies turn it into an overwhelming cascade of information. With remote work affecting many aspects of the onboarding process, it has become necessary to figure out how to introduce new hires into the corporate culture more effectively.

About The "State Of Employee Experience 2023" Report

This survey was conducted by a team of experts in May 2023. They accumulated and analyzed responses from over 1000 corporate employees who worked in a variety of industries in the United States, such as manufacturing, retail/hospitality, healthcare, tech, and more. Apart from the findings that we mentioned above, there is a lot more that you can expect to find in this report. Here is a rundown of the key chapters:

  • Poor Training And Bad Onboarding Experiences: Our Shocking Findings
  • Onboarding In The Spotlight: Tips To Stop Losing A-Players
  • Employees Want To Train On Better Terms: How To Escape "Check The Box" L&D
  • Poor Communication Between Managers And Employees Has A Negative Effect On The Workplace
  • Inefficient And Unengaging Training Makes Employees Seek External Resources
  • Our Top Recommendations

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