Published: October 9, 2023

Learning Pool Launches Generative AI Capability, AI Conversations

Learning Pool, leading global provider of workplace learning solutions, has announced the launch of AI Conversations, a generative AI offering that allows employees to practice challenging workplace conversations with an AI-generated character.

Learning Pool

Libby Cross

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Learning Pool Announces The Launch Of AI Conversations

AI Conversations leverages OpenAI's GPT4 to provide users with convincing, conversational responses, but also detailed, personalized feedback to help them improve their communication and management skills. It's a breakthrough way for companies in any industry to ensure productive workplace conversations.

Only 21% of employees today feel that they received meaningful feedback in the last week, according to Gallup. It's up to team leaders to coach and develop their people, but they are often left on their own to learn to do so. The fear and anxiety of a difficult conversation leads many to avoid the discussion altogether—a disservice to employees and the greater business. Organizations must equip employees with the resources to feel confident in all kinds of conversations, like salary negotiations, poor performance, and goal setting. Intelligent eLearning tools like AI Conversations can help bridge the communication gaps for managers and their teams.

"Workplace conversations are complex and often high-stakes. With AI Conversations, our team has set a new standard for what's possible in intelligent eLearning," said Ben Betts, CEO of Learning Pool. "This first-of-its-kind capability introduces the power of generative AI to workplace learning and better enables the kind of workplace where we all want to work—one with managers that offer clear and productive feedback."

Human interaction is incredibly difficult to simulate and scale. AI Conversations changes this by using GPT4 to generate limitless responses to user inputs. These responses can be tailored to fit any combination of character attributes, from their mood—frustrated, happy, etc.—to their role and tenure at an organization. With both two-way audio and text-based options, scenarios are simple to deploy on any learning platform, and organizations can pull from Learning Pool's off-the-shelf scenarios or create custom scenarios tailored to meet individual needs.

Learning Pool has partnered with Mind Tools, a celebrated provider of business skills, personal development, and leadership and management content, to produce the first off-the-shelf AI Conversations collection. This collection focuses on managing the performance of a direct report. Mind Tools applied its expertise to the authoring and assessment framework of each scenario.

"When it comes to incorporating generative AI into workplace learning, organizations will be looking for authoring that is trusted and credible," explained Nahdia Khan, Chief Impact Officer at Mind Tools. "We're able to deliver on that expectation with AI Conversations—building on our proven 25 years of content provenance equipping leaders and their teams. Pilot participants validated our approach, reporting that AI Conversations provided clear, realistic, and personalized feedback, and the conversation with the AI tool felt natural."

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