8 Popular Microlearning Assets That Can Boost Your Business ROI

8 Popular Microlearning Assets That Can Boost Your Business ROI
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Summary: Short, quick, and handy is the need of the hour in this fast-evolving corporate training landscape. Microlearning does just that. Read this article to explore popular microlearning assets that can enliven your corporate training.

Microlearning Assets: How They Boost Business ROI

Learning and Development is becoming an indispensable part of organizations, and businesses are looking forward to investing in new learning strategies that can scale employee performance and ROI. Microlearning is one of the most popular learning formats that is becoming the hot favorite of learners as well as L&D gurus. Especially when it comes to the modern workforce that is dominated by millennials and Gen Zers, microlearning works its charm as new-age learners prefer learning that is short and quick. Well, it is often believed that microlearning is only about videos. But there's much more to it. Read this article to explore the various formats that fall under the microlearning umbrella and how you can use them to enhance your corporate training.

Popular Microlearning Formats That Can Level Up Your Corporate Training

For those who are new to the L&D world, microlearning is a training format that delivers learning in the form of bite-sized nuggets. Microlearning modules are extremely comprehensive, as each module focuses on a single learning objective. They not only are short and crisp but are also multidevice and multibrowser-compatible.

The benefits of microlearning

Microlearning is neither just videos nor short chunks cut out of lengthy eLearning courses. There are umpteen microlearning formats that you can choose from to offer variety to your learners, help boost learner retention, and enhance their productivity. Let's have a look at the various assets that can be a part of your microlearning resource library.

1. Presentation Decks

If you have been in L&D for quite some time now, there must be a good number of PowerPoint presentation decks in your training resource library. These decks that were once a part of your classroom training sessions can now be a handy tool to impart online training. By leveraging the power of authoring tools, you can visually enhance these decks using captivating templates, icons, graphics, and images. You can use them as standalone microlearning modules or integrate them into other online training courses.

2. Animated And Explainer Videos

Given a chance, we all would prefer to watch a video rather than read something. No wonder video-based learning has gained immense popularity in recent times. Videos are a microlearning asset that is widely used to deliver learning. Animated and explainer videos are popular video formats that deliver engaging training to your learners. Animated videos can help you deliver concepts using animations. Simple animated videos that explain the features and benefits of new product launches can be impactful in delivering training to sales reps instead of handing over hefty product manuals. Explainer videos are a fantastic way to make learning impactful.

Key benefits of microlearning videos

3. Short Sims

Do your learners feel disinterested and uninspired in traditional classroom training sessions? If yes, then short sims could be a wonderful way to engage your learners. As the name goes, short sims are short and focused simulations in which learners are given scenarios to solve. Their actions decide the course of the simulations. These simulations are short and focused on helping learners quickly absorb learning and develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

4. Courses With Scenarios And Avatars

L&D design and development teams are making new advancements to make learning more interactive. Short narratives to build scenarios and the use of avatars or characters are recent trends in microlearning courses. These courses involve learners and encourage their active participation, which boosts learning and knowledge retention.

5. Quizzes And Games

Maintaining learner engagement is a challenge for any online learning course. Microlearning quizzes can be integrated into online learning courses for quick knowledge checks at the end of each learning module or at the end of the course. Small games can also be integrated into online learning courses to add a fun element. These games are designed to evaluate the understanding of the concept away from the monotony of assessments.

6. Webisodes

Webinars are often an important part of every organization's training program. However, once these webinars are conducted, the recordings lie unused in our resource library. By leveraging authoring tools, we can visually enhance the webinar recordings and split them into short snippets to deliver them as quick learning bites to your learners.

7. How-To Guides

How-to guides in the form of infographics, videos, and interactive PDFs are apt for just-in-time learning. These how-to guides are handy for introducing features and functionalities of new offerings or introducing new processes. Your on-the-move sales team can reap the benefits of these easily accessible how-to guides and seal sale deals seamlessly.

8. Animations And GIFs

Animations and gifs enhance the visual appeal of your online learning courses. They not only add that fun element to the courses but are a terrific way to grab learners' attention and deliver learning that's easy and quick to consume and retain. When you weave the fun elements of animations and gifs into dry subjects like compliance training, it enlivens training and makes it impactful.

Role Of Authoring Tools In Microlearning Design And Development

Authoring tools are the base for designing and developing captivating and interactive microlearning assets. By using authoring tools, you can design and develop microlearning courses without much hassle and without in-depth programming knowledge. Here are a few popular authoring tools that can help you design interactive microlearning:

  • Vyond Go
  • Synthesia
  • Articulate Suite
  • Adobe Captivate
  • dominKnow
  • iSpring
  • 7taps
  • Elucidat
  • edapp

It's A Wrap!

Microlearning is a pocket-sized giant that leads to macro results. Corporations worldwide are implementing microlearning in their learning strategy to boost training ROI. It's not only quick and cost-effective to design microlearning assets but it also facilitates self-paced, responsive, and just-in-time learning. Considering the variety it offers, you can mix and match them to curb monotony and enliven your corporate training programs. So, why wait? Sail on your microlearning journey to boost employee performance and skyrocket your business ROI.

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