Published: August 7, 2023

SweetRush Retains Title As No. 1 Content Provider For Immersive Learning

SweetRush's creative, award-winning custom immersive learning solutions create a positive impact for world-class clients in diverse industries. The team's latest innovations enable technology adoption and deeper visibility into learner data.


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SweetRush Retains Title As No. 1 Content Provider For Immersive Learning

San Francisco, Calif., August 7, 2023 — SweetRush is thrilled to be named the No. 1 Content Provider for Immersive Learning by eLearning Industry for the second year in a row. This exciting announcement follows on the heels of new innovation by the SweetRush XR team, including the launch of WebVR learning experiences and the LMS Integration Tool, which together solve L&D's challenges of distributing and scaling Virtual Reality enterprise-wide.

eLearning Industry Founder Christopher Pappas cites the SweetRush team's learning-first mindset, consultative approach, and singular ability to engage learners as central factors contributing to its success. He adds, "You can count on SweetRush to be innovators! VR, AR, AI, simulations, and interactive video—they're creating effective immersive learning. Collaborate with them, and they'll show you how to put these tools into practice."

As an increasing number of L&D leaders seek the benefits of immersive learning, SweetRush's XR team is committed to innovations that enable technology adoption and tracking. In a recent eLearning Industry webinar, WebVR = L&D's VR Gateway To The Enterprise!, the team unveiled their latest answer to pressing client needs: WebVR content and learning experiences that leverage new technology to overcome scalability and hardware challenges.

Another recent innovation from the team is the LMS Integration Tool (LIT), a game-changing technology that allows immersive learning experiences to live in, and launch from, an organization's LMS. Through a custom analytics dashboard, L&D teams and stakeholders can track learner performance data of their choice.

For clients like Coursera and Hilton, SweetRush XR is bringing engaging, effective immersive learning to a wider learner audience. The team will unveil their latest developments, integrating AI into VR experiences to enhance skill development with authentic practice and feedback, later this year.

Adrián Soto, SweetRush Director of Immersive Technologies, shares:

The immersive learning and advanced technology landscape is rapidly changing, and that makes it challenging for our clients. We're excited to meet our clients where they are and be a partner in bringing new ways of learning to their people. Whether it's an initial proof of concept or multi-year roadmap, our team provides the research, thought partnership, and development skills to create amazing learning experiences and help clients prepare for the future.

Danielle Silver, XR Solution Architect, adds:

This is such a testament to the capabilities of our team, but also the innovative cultures of our client-partners who are ever willing to experiment, prototype, and push the boundaries of how we can use immersive technologies to elevate learning and offer learners more impactful ways of becoming better at the work that they do.

Clients love the team's customer-centric approach, which one client describes as "second to none," adding that SweetRush's "ability to wrench on the creativity nerve was amazing."

SweetRush credits its innovations to a highly skilled team whose expertise in collaborating with clients on soft skills, empathy for hospitality, safety and violence de-escalation, complex technical training, and numerous unique use cases has been recognized by 106 Gold Brandon Hall Awards and 8 Gold CLO Learning in Practice Awards.

To learn more about how to augment your learning portfolio with award-winning, highly effective immersive learning experiences, please reach out to Danielle Silver at SweetRush.

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