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Hi! I'm Jan
UI/UX designer with holistic knowledge and experience on the topic of product development
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Featured projects
websites, web apps, high fidelity prototypes, design systems, all of which are easy to use and pleasing to an eye
Hoffmann-La Roche
Presentation app for medical representatives
Hoffmann-La Roche app preview iPad mockup
eSkate Lights
eCommerce dedicated to skateboarding at night
eSkate Lights website preview in 3d computer mockup
Teaching the importance of privacy (in progress...)
Making medical studies easier (in progress...) website preview mockup with 2d heart model
Visualizing brand identity through web design website preview
Mellow Boards GmbH
Extending the experience of The Endless Ride website preview
National Health Fund
Redesigning vaccine schedule used by nurses website preview
"I had the opportunity to meet Janek, as he was doing his internship in Softwebo. From the very beginning he became known as a UX enthusiast. He immediately entered into the tasks that were entrusted to him. He worked on user interface design and graphic design. He co-created Softwebo's corporate website and created a cool atmosphere in team. Janek is certainly bright and with a deep interest in digital "environment."