National Health Fund
Redesigning vaccine schedule used by nurses
My tasks
UI/UX design
interaction design
testing & research
NFZ dashboard preview
During my Multimedia Design Internship at Softwebo (design agency), I was assigned with a task of redesigning one of the National Health Care dashboards. The one I was taking care of, has been primarily used by hospital nurses. The system itself, has been designed to help them (nurses) scheduled vaccination visits of infants. Overall, I would say that the following task had potentially high impact and needed to be taken seriously.

Problem formulation
The system itself has already been developed and functioning well. Unfortunately, many users reported bad user experience and outdated looks of the dashboard. It all had direct enough impact on nurse’s workflow, that they had demanded a redesign.

How I got there
After creating short documentation of the previous system and all of its functionalities, I was able to start redesign.
National Health Fund dashboard sketches
My first few ideas, were correlating with Google’s material design. It is modern, backed by extensive research and data analysis (Google does not care about user’s privacy, but it has some benefits). I had decided to apply this estetic, as it would modernize the looks, while making the use of the system easier. As a result, I had created above sketches, visualising some of the main dashboard components.

What is also worth mentioning, is the interaction design. Material design does not only look great, but also has intuitive user experience. Above is an example, showcasing how login fields adapt, when being in and out of “focus”. It was just one of many micro interactions, that had made new dashboard so much easier to use.

Final design
National Health Fund dashboard preview
National Health Fund login screen National Health Fund dashboard screen National Health Fund patients screen National Health Fund add patients screen National Health Fund data screen
As soon as the prototype had been finished and all of the new components were approved, new dashboard had been built. Above are the screenshots of final prototype, which recreated in code.

In the end, I would say that even though the project had short time limit, it has made a positive impact. If I had my deadline moved for later, I would invest my energy into additional testing before and after redesign. While doing so, I would like to see if nurses feel comfortable enough with the system, that they can easily complete daily tasks.