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It is one of the more complex projects, during which I’ve been working with several mediums, while focusing on maintaining my position as a brand ambassador. When organising test rides and promoting Mellow Boards as a company, as well as their products, I also found time to create additional activities. As a side project of mine, I decided to create redesign of the official app, used for connectivity with the electric board. The main focus was extending its functionality, by adding notifications, as well as SmartWatch support for both Android and iOS users. To quickly navigate between parts of the products, you can click on the links below:
ui/ux, photography/ambassador


Before starting to create the actual prototype, I decided to look into the most common issues with the existing app, listed by its users. As a result, I gained understanding of the current needs and propositions of features, that could be implemented. Having all the data, I went into Sketch, later on to Adobe XD and started prototyping.

I started prototyping the Android apps as it seems that most of the “mellow” user’s come from this platform. First part, designed was the always on notification, which could have been visible from any place in the Android system. Do you to minimise space it showed only the key information, such as range battery percentage of the remote and drive. As an additional feature, I created quick icon for switching modes (rookie, eco, pro, endless) inside of the phone “quick settings”. The last feature which has been showcased, were the force touch actions, which are displayed when the icon is being held down.

Shortly after creating smartphone version, I moved onto wear OS. Smartwatches are used primarily as a secondary device. Because of that, I focused on implementing only the most necessary features. first part were the data slots which could have been placed on customisable watch faces and display range or percentage left on the drive. next parts which has been designed were always on watch notifications. by default a word displaying current mode of the drive but when clicked they also showcased current speed.

As soon as I was happy with the Android version, I started implementing similar features for the iOS users. It started with notification centre, where we can see the same data from Android, such as current state of charge of the mellow drive, remote, as well as the range left. In addition to that, I didn’t forget to include “Force touch” functionality for switching modes.

Later on, I moved onto Apple watch, where I was focused on shrinking UI from iPhone and making it as similar to the original watch os as possible. Because of that I’ve created 4 distinct watch faces, which varied in displayed data. My personal favourite was the classic ring style watch face and the one showcased in the interaction video. Apart from following Apple design guidelines, all of the watch faces had the same possibility of switching between the modes.


As an ambassador I needed to picure myself and what I do through the photos. This resulted in creating spontaneous photoshoot where all of the above pictures were taken. It is supposed to show how possible test ride of the Mellow drive, looks like.

So far, I’ve really enjoyed the experience of meeting new people while skateboarding with them, through the streets of Copenhagen. Even though their skateboarding experience differs and some of them have hard time standing on the board at first, they all are able to follow me while riding, in the end.

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