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Employee Engagement Software Complete Buyer’s Guide

Employee Engagement Software Complete Buyer’s Guide

What is employee engagement software? Why is it important to a business? These questions have been at the center of attention for several pieces of research. The outcomes prove that businesses with more engaged employees show better results. Hence, an engaged employee performs better.

Introduction To Employee Engagement Tools

Employee engagement has been around for quite a while. Actually, companies in the past valued the morale of employees knowing the benefits of it. Hence, they were measuring satisfaction with the traditional method of surveying. Then, they implemented the acquired feedback to keep employees enthusiastic about their jobs.

Thanks to rapid technological advancement, employee management and engagement are less complicated. This makes the life of managers easier and their businesses more successful. Nowadays, managers are looking for tools to measure, monitor, and improve the employee engagement of their businesses. Thankfully, there are plenty of such tools available to improve the communication and engagement of your employees.

Are you wondering how to get employee engagement at a high level? Then check out the following guide. You will get all the information and useful buying tips. Afterward, you may proceed to check online user reviews or make your own employee engagement tools comparison.

What Is Employee Engagement Software?

From the traditional surveys to the era of digitalization, employee engagement remains a vital part of the success of a business. In the days of rapid change, employee engagement software arrive to integrate into the business environment of any industry. Are these tools better than the traditional method of surveying? Yes. Technology is undoubtedly more befitting to bring employees together in the age of remote work.

The first question to answer is what an employee engagement tool is. To define, an employee engagement system is a software or platform of a digital workspace for employees to engage. Specifically, it covers many important aspects of any business, like communication, evaluation, and training. Hence, it benefits both the employees by increasing their morale and the management by making the processes faster and more accurate.

Worker engagement tools can have multiple benefits. In remote teams, they help connect the employees with each other, collaborate, and engage in activities. Additionally, they show a clear picture of workforce morale to the management. This way, the management can make wiser decisions in task allocation, talent development, and goal setting.

However, not all such tools are the same. Even though they cover the basic purposes of the software, they differ in the features and functionality they provide. Therefore solid research is necessary before choosing one for your business. It is wise to find a solution that provides the exact features to meet your business goals.

The purpose of this guide is to help you understand, evaluate, and choose the right employee engagement tool for your business. You'll find all you need to increase employee job satisfaction and retain talented workers for years.

Which Businesses Can Leverage Employee Engagement Software?

One of the vital aspects that determine business success is employee prosperity. The inner environment of a business often shapes the outer outcome. That said, a considerable amount of industries can benefit by using employee engagement software.

To illustrate, we provide you with a list of the top industries that could benefit from an employee engagement tool:

HR Teams

Talent acquisition and development can often cause headaches to the human resources department. Especially, nowadays, with the remote work environment taking place, HR teams are looking for a viable way to collect data, evaluate, and improve employee performance.

Employee engagement tools offer a way out to HR professionals. By using automation and survey features, evaluation becomes smoother and more efficient. In the meantime, the HR team can focus on scaling talent plans and executing them with the use of a single tool. Additionally, the features of such a tool can also enhance the communication between the HR department and the employees. Instant messages, automatic notifications, and mobile integration are among the features that can bring the employees of a company closer to HR.

Training Managers

Training managers also face challenges that can be overcome with the use of the right tool. Foremost, it is not rare to wonder as a training manager if your training is ideal for the company you work for. Evaluating the progress of the training of your employees can be a time-consuming process. Additionally, we live in the era of a mobile workforce. Employees prefer to train with the use of their mobile smartphones. This brings up the challenge of creating mobile-friendly training that can support continuous learning.

Staff engagement tools come to tackle the above-mentioned training challenges. Instant feedback and evaluation allow the training managers to check whether the training is beneficial or not in real time. Additionally, a vast amount of employee engagement software includes training management. Therefore, your training plan acquires flexibility that can be translated into continuous learning and success.

Small And Medium Businesses

Unlike large enterprises, small businesses depend heavily on their employees. The loss or bad training of an employee can cause irreparable damage to the business. Furthermore, small businesses lack HR departments. A manager usually also has to play the role of HR, which can be challenging without the right tool.

An employee engagement tool can be an all-inclusive tool for small business owners. By making the employee experience more engaging, employee retention is increased. Furthermore, such tools do not require expertise and can be tailored to your business. Therefore, you can find ideal employee engagement tools for small businesses. As a small business owner, you can keep your employees happy, engaged, and more productive in a cost-effective way.

Startups And Agencies

Like small businesses, startups and agencies need the help of an all-inclusive tool due to the lack of an HR team. However, the challenges differ. Startups need to maintain a fast pace and keep track of projects. Meanwhile, such companies tend to rely heavily on team building and communication. Therefore, startups require a cost-friendly all-in-one tool to accomplish their goals.

The market for staff engagement tools is constantly growing. More and more features are being added making it an all-in-one tool for startups. In the first steps of your business, you can use such tools to communicate, keep track of, and train the members of your team. That said, employee engagement software for startups can offer the right combination of communication management features.

Large Enterprises

One of the most frequent issues reported in large companies is the lack of workforce engagement. Unlike in small businesses, employees in big enterprises have specific roles and duties. This often leads the employee to feel replaceable and not contribute enough. Additionally, due to the general anonymity of big companies’ environments, employees tend to not engage with each other.

Corporate team leaders can find a solution in technology. With the use of an employee engagement tool, employees will find a voice. Not only will they be able to connect with their colleagues, but they will also feel heard by their superiors. Consequently, a democratic community is what you need to keep in mind when looking for the best employee engagement tool for large enterprises.


In terms of employee engagement, the education sector shows similarities to the private sector. Higher academic institutions face governmental fund cuts and constantly changing competition. To keep up with the competition, academic institutions need to be agile. That is where staff engagement comes into play. An engaged workforce can provide the institution with the agility to keep up with the competition. The right employee engagement tool for academic use can enhance the way educators communicate, evaluate, and act in a much more welcoming workspace.


In general, non-profit organizations depend on the willingness and motivation of their members, namely, the motivation to act, change and engage. Hence, a common problem non-profits are facing is the disengagement of their employees. However, in this scenario, disengagement usually results in quitting. Especially now, in the remote work era, volunteers feel less engaged since they are not out in the field of action.

The right tool in this case can boost the engagement in non-profit organizations. Certain features that are ideal for this environment are messages, newsfeed, surveys, and rewards. Volunteers can be notified about important sections to take action, connect with other volunteers, engage, and get rewarded. By using the appropriate employee engagement tool, a non-profit organization can boost the motivation of its employees and, hence, the retention rate.

Public Administration

The public sector suffers from employee disengagement as well. The issue, in this case, lies in the general feeling of “simply doing my job.” Specifically, employees might experience less creativity and engagement in public administration. Hence, unfortunately, sometimes there's little space for inspiration and innovation in this sector.

The right software can bring light into the long dark tunnel of bureaucracy. Creating an engaging workspace allows the employees to motivate, inspire, and innovate in their expertise. Such improved engagement will create a space for evolution in the “wasteland” of public administration. Unlike the private sector, improved performance outcomes can eventually affect in this case even the economic state of a country.

Benefits Of Using Employee Engagement Tools

Choosing the ideal employee engagement tool can have multiple benefits for your organization. The right choice can help you build a powerful engaged workforce.

Enables Data-Driven Management

Data has become the most valuable assistant for a leader. Knowing what happens in your company and your employees can help you make the appropriate decisions. In that manner, employee engagement tools offer a sufficient way to collect valuable insights with real-time data, evaluate them and take decisions accordingly.

The most valuable feature of this benefit is feedback surveys. With the use of an employee engagement platform, surveying becomes easier and more precise. There is no need for extra software to evaluate, analyze, or transfer the gathered data.

Everyone is connected to the same platform. Thus, you can get instant feedback from your team and spectate live the changes in your workplace. This will help you improve employee engagement. Also, you will be making more precise predictions of your potential decisions minimizing the risk.

In short, employee engagement software helps management by:

  • Assisting in data-driven decisions
  • Highlighting employee burnout and talents
  • Enabling faster and more personalized communication
  • Uncovering ways to motivate your team

Enhances Workforce Communication

Communication is a vital part of any thriving business. It helps by building the foundation of success and maintaining a healthy working environment. However, communication in business has taken a hit by COVID and remote working. In general, communication has become technology-depended.

This particular dependence comes with technology-related issues. Lack of internet, bad connection, rescheduling meetings, and the use of too many tools are among the issues that cost time. Additionally, bad communication may lead to harmful decisions for a company. Not to mention how it affects team building.

Surprisingly, technology itself comes to the rescue with staff engagement apps. By using the right software for your team, you can maintain communication within a digital workplace tailored for your needs.

In short, employee engagement software helps communication by:

  • Helping leaders inspire their teams directly
  • Creating a democratic workplace for employees
  • Providing instant messaging features for your workplace
  • Saving time and resources
  • Improving the overall employee experience of your workforce

Improves Overall Performance

Data-driven management and solid corporate communication eventually lead to performance improvement. That is because of risk reduction in decision-making. In fact, an employee engagement tool allows leaders and managers to get valuable insights instantly. This information includes data, feedback, and even instant messages that provide the management with a clear view of the workforce.

The HR department can also benefit from employee engagement software. How? By having a more insightful view of human resources. To clarify, feedback, training data, and communication can let HR know about the motivation of the employees or warn them about potential burnouts. Such useful predictions not only save time but also assist in better task allocation in the workforce.

An engaged employee performs better. According to Gallup's research, enterprises with an actively engaged workforce perform two times better than their counterparts. That is because engagement provides the employee with motivation. When employees feel more included in the company goals, they try to grow and perform better.

Engagement comes with certain activities in a tool. Employees can perform daily or weekly tasks, training sessions, and assignments. Additionally, they can keep track of their progress while also communicating with other employees about it. Even though each tool includes different features, the goal remains the same to keep the employee engaged, motivated, and inspired.

In short, employee engagement software increases overall employee performance by:

  • Including effective employee engagement activities
  • Using progress tracking to enhance growth and development
  • Helping targeted workforce investments
  • Improving employee wellness

Top Features To Look For In Employee Engagement Software

The market for employee engagement tools is constantly growing in the past few years. The rapid technological advancement provides development companies with “fertile ground” to build new features. However, the vast number of features and the differences between the tools make the software decision and comparison even harder.

In this section of the guide, we present the top features to look for in an employee engagement program. With the features below you will know how to drive employee engagement. Understanding the necessity of alignment between company goals and the proper tool, we suggest considering the following vital features:

Employee Recognition

As a definition, employee recognition (also known as social recognition) is the acknowledgment of the employees for who they are and what they do. In general, gratitude in the workplace proves to increase overall employee productivity and performance. Nowadays, employee recognition has become a vital aspect of workplace wellness. There is no wonder about that since publicly expressing gratitude can boost the morale of employees and motivate them to grow.

There are some common features for employee recognition in an employee engagement tool. The most famous among them is peer-to-peer recognition. To clarify, peer-to-peer employee recognition is the feature that allows employees to connect in a gratitude expressing environment. Another feature is rewards management. Like gratitude, rewarding motivates employees to achieve their goals and perform better.

Performance Management

Performance management is a vital part of an engagement tool. As a manager or HR professional, you want to know how the team is performing. This can be achieved with proper data collection, feedback, goal setting, and performance review. If done correctly, there can be a clear understanding between employees, HR, and management.

The majority of employee engagement tools have implemented features that support performance management. Regarding data accumulation, some common features are surveys, feedback management (and collection), as well as data import/export. Additionally, management features like real-time reporting, goal setting/tracking, and training management are included.

Cultural Alignment

Engagement is possible only when the employees feel like part of a whole. They have to feel essential in the culture of the workplace. That said, it is important to promote some core values as a company and assist your employees in aligning with them. Eventually, your employees will feel their contribution is vital to the company and be motivated to perform even better.

Cultural alignment can be achieved with the help of a tool. Certain common features that promote cultural alignment are activities, tasks, and employee onboarding. You can promote tasks or training on soft skills that align with the cultural environment of the company. With the use of these features along with gamification and AI integration, you can ensure that your employees are the right fit for the value you want to promote and the company.

Feedback Management

Feedback is a vital part of data gathering and management. It is the process of understanding what works, what does not, and what will work in the future. Therefore, staff engagement tools have implemented features to help with feedback management. The autonomous process of collecting feedback allows you to set goals and monitor the process of several projects simultaneously.

Surveys And Assessments

Without the use of technological tools, surveying can be a time-consuming process. However, the integration of Artificial Intelligence in the process has made it faster and more efficient for companies. Additionally, AI integration gives a more personal touch to the surveys. That said, tailored surveys can be sent at the same time to employees making the surveying process more successful.

Assessments are also part of the data-gathering process. With the proper assessments aligned to the company culture, you can increase employee retention. Furthermore, you can keep track of the assessments assigned to your employees and check their progress. In general, assessments are great tools for data collection and management of the workforce.

Employee Net Promoter Score

Employee engagement can be measured and analyzed. A must-have feature for managers who want to measure the engagement and loyalty of their employees is the employee net promoter score. eNPS uses data from surveys on the overall engagement of employees to analyze and provide the management with a wide picture of workforce satisfaction. That said, eNPS can operate as a warning or as a confirmation of a healthy environment.

Types Of Training Using Employee Engagement Platforms

Some employee engagement platforms require a sufficient amount of training on how to use them. With the proper implementation of training, you can achieve your company’s goals and scale for future triumphs within the tool. This explains the vast amount of time and resources large enterprises spend on training and development.

Employee training on the software can provide your company with the following benefits:

  • Minimized risk of employee errors
  • Increased employee retention
  • Showcase of employee talents and weaknesses
  • Boost in overall productivity

When you are looking for the right employee engagement tool, you want to make sure that it includes the essential features of training. You want to smoothen the training process and get in the tool as soon as possible. In this case, you want to ensure that the software you will choose for your organization includes at least one of the following features:


Training documentation is among the most common types of corporate training. Since many companies cannot afford the individual training, documentation offers a getaway with training on a massive scale. To define, training professionals create files, pages, and data to use as a guide for new employees. Instead of training individually, employees can refer to these documents for guidance and development.

In fact, training documentation is often supported in employee engagement tools. File import and database are commonly used by employee engagement software. That said, companies that prefer this type of training method can upload training documents in the tool. Then, the employee can access the files at any time and proceed with their training.

Online Tutorials

Even though documentation training has its traits, some companies prefer using online tutorials. In this case, managers and HR pros can leverage employee engagement software to create a database with online tutorials for their employees. An online tutorial does not have to be a written file type. In some cases, training development can be created in other formats like audio and video tutorials.


A less common but extremely useful training asset when using such tools is the webinar. Webinars require more time and effort but offer an all-inclusive method of training. A webinar can include other types of training as well like documentation and resources. Therefore, you might be interested in creating training webinars for your workforce. For example, this way you can help them understand a tool or a process based on their job requirements.

In-Person Support

Everyone’s path in training is unique. Therefore, unique issues might come up that require a more personalized approach. That said, there are several employee engagement tools that allow you to offer in-person support training. For instance, you can help your team tackle technical issues or answer questions regarding certain tools and the like.

Live Online Support

Similar to in-person, you might find live online support handy. Many employee engagement tools offer live online support usually in the form οf a chatbox. However, a chatbox is not the only option since some companies also offer call or video support solutions. Therefore, when you are looking for minimizing the risks of improper use of a tool, you might want to choose this option of assistance.

Employee Engagement Software Deployment Options

The deployment options should also play an important role in your choice. We suggest that you take into consideration every aspect of your business before you proceed in order to find the right fit for you. That said, the option you will choose depends on the industry, your business, and its goals.

In this section, the deployment options are provided with a description for each one. Even though options differ in terms of security, they share the importance of solid information privacy.

The employee engagement software deployment options are the following:

Desktop Application

Among the most common deployment options is the desktop application. Operating from their own computer, users are required to download and install an employee engagement app. That said, users can access the applications at any time via their desktop without the need for a browser.

Employee engagement vendors have made the apps accessible for everyone. This means that desktop applications do not require high levels of specification to be used. They can be installed and used on almost any computer. However, in the rare situation of technical issues when using the app, users can always access the web-based software. In this scenario, all that is needed is a stable internet connection.

Mobile Application

Mobile applications are on hype in the employee engagement market. With this deployment option, users can visit the marketplace, download the app and install it on their mobile devices. Then, they can access all features of the software at any time, through their phones.

Engagement and accessibility come hand in hand in most situations. There are employees who may have to engage with the company or their colleagues but not have a desktop in front of them. There are also cases in which issues arrived at managers too late due to a lack of accessibility. In most cases, this delay costs time and resources.

To tackle such issues, some employee engagement vendors offer mobile applications. Since, nowadays, everyone is familiar with smartphones and apps, engagement can become smoother with the use of employee engagement apps. In this manner, employees and managers are engaged on the go, any time.

Self-Hosted Cloud-Based

Another deployment option is self-hosted cloud-based. In this scenario, the employee engagement app operates on a virtual private cloud. The benefits of such an option rely on privacy, security, and customization. To clarify, the buyer can tailor the server to the company goals without the need for access to a public server.

Self-Hosted System

The self-hosted deployment option is used by employee engagement vendors that want to have full control over their system. Self-hosted applications use private servers instead of hosting clouds. In this manner, vendors tend to avoid third party options and take full responsibility for maintenance and upkeep.

When looking for the right deployment option, you might want to consider the benefits of a self-hosting system. One of them is security. Since self-hosted staff engagement apps avoid third-party implications, the risk of data exposure is certainly minimized. Furthermore, self-hosting tends to show credibility since the employee engagement company is capable of hosting, running, and maintaining the software.

Software as a Service/Cloud

Software as a Service (SaaS) or Cloud is the most used deployment option. The reason behind this is its simplicity. By hosting and delivering software via the cloud, users do not have to worry about hardware requirements and maintenance. Also, there is no need for installation since anyone can access it through the internet. SaaS is the ideal choice for small businesses focusing on improving employee engagement. Moreover, since the app is cloud-based, all updates will be live and on time.

Licensing Options For Employee Engagement Software

Licensing options are an important factor to consider when looking for the right employee engagement platform. In this case, there are three different licensing choices presented in this guide. The differences between them are related to cost and functionality. Therefore, you should keep in mind the following list prior to purchase:

  • Free
    If you have a small business or startup and you are looking to boost employee engagement, then the free licensing option might be ideal for you. Engagement platforms apps with free license often come in handy when you need the basic features in employee engagement. However, it contains fewer features and customer service options than paid licensing.
  • Open source
    If you are looking for customization, then open source employee engagement apps are for you. With this licensing option, you can modify the source code and tailor it to your business. Therefore, you can add features that you find useful for your company or even modify the existing ones. This choice is ideal for companies with a solid tech team, able to deal with integrations, innovation, and maintenance. However, keep in mind that open source licensing has fewer features than a paid one. However, as I already mentioned, it allows you to create your own and contains more than the free licensing.
  • Paid
    Employee engagement platforms with a paid licensing option are the ultimate choice for large companies. Among the benefits is the amount of premium features offered in the software. Moreover, paid licensing enhances security. To clarify, it does not allow modifications of the software and distributions to a third-party tool. It might cost more than free and open source, but offers certainty, a plethora of features, and top-quality customer service.

Pricing Models For Employee Engagement Platforms

There are several pricing models for employee engagement tools. Each model differs in the features offered, integrations, and customer service options. In this section, there are 5 different prizing models presented and explained:


You can find plenty of free employee engagement tools out there. This prizing model might be ideal for a business on a tight budget or a start-up. However, free tools mostly offer basic features and customer service. Therefore, if your company is just getting started on increasing employee engagement, then this plan is for you.

Free Trial

Choosing one of the best free trial employee engagement software could be another option. In this plan, a company can make free use of the tool’s services for a limited time. Usually, the free trial offers the full functionality of the software with all features included. However, after the limited time of the trial, you will have to proceed with a paid plan.


Similar to free tools, freemium offers the basic features without payment. The main difference is that freemium tools also offer premium features that you can buy within the app. This pricing plan is ideal for businesses and startups that aim at scaling their employee engagement in the future.

One-Time Purchased License

Instead of paying monthly or yearly, some vendors offer a one-time purchased license. In this way, a company can buy the services of the software by paying only once. Usually, the price is formed by the size of the company and the employees included. A benefit of this option is that you do not have to worry about future expenses.


The subscription model is one of the most common pricing models in the industry. By paying an employee engagement platform subscription fee, you can have access to the full services of the software. Usually, subscription models are monthly or yearly based and might offer free trials as well. In some cases, the price also differs regarding the company size. This plan is ideal for any size of company that needs the premium use of employee engagement features.

How To Choose The Best Employee Engagement Software

Finding the perfect employee engagement software for your business can be challenging. Since the industry is constantly growing, the factors you have to consider prior to buying are increased. However, there are some vital steps to take before choosing the right tool. Initially, you have to analyze your company and uncover your needs, budget, and size regarding employee engagement.

The following questions will help you analyze the software that could work best for your business:

  1. What employee engagement features does your business need?
  2. How much is the budget your business is willing to spend on the software?
  3. Does the software vendor provide a free trial?
  4. Does your business need specific software integration?
  5. What is the level of security and information privacy provided by the software?
  6. What kind of deployment option is the best fit for your business?
  7. Does the software offer training? If yes, of what kind?
  8. What level of customer support does the software provide?
  9. Are there other businesses similar to yours using this software?

The answers to the questions above will serve you as the ultimate guide to finding the right software for your business needs. Hence, to choose the most fitting employee engagement tool for your company, you need to consider the following:

Set Your Employee Engagement Software Requirements

Start by analyzing your business. This will help you understand why you need employee engagement and how it will serve your company. Then you might want to look at the most valuable features for you. Some vital features to look for are surveys, feedback collection, goal setting, performance management, employee profile, people analytics, and collaboration tools.

Check Budget Αnd Prizing Models

After analyzing your business and setting the requirements, you can consider the budget for the app. In this step, keep in mind the features you need, and start comparing the offers of vendors. As mentioned in a previous section, the prizing model can be free, free trial, freemium, one-time purchased license, and subscription. Check if the vendors offer the vital features in their prizing plan and what is included in the price. In short, make sure you have the right budget for the right features to reach your goals.

Vendor Vetting

There is certainly a variety of tools in the employee engagement vendors industry. The competition is getting intense and vendors tend to offer customers valuable features. Therefore, it might be beneficial to see what extra things vendors are offering to you such as free trials, training, and customer service.

Employee Engagement Software Comparison

After you make decisions on features and budgeting, you can proceed to a comparison in the shortlist of vendors. To make the comparison you can check out our directory and click on the “compare” choice. This will allow you to compare the services of up to three different vendors. That said, you can minimize the risk of making the wrong decision with the right employee engagement software comparison list.

Social Proof Αnd Reviews

Social proof and reviews are both crucial in making the right decision. You are not alone searching in the employee engagement market. There might be businesses like yours that already used such tools and left a review. That said, you can read the reviews of different vendors in our directory and enhance your decision-making process.

Mobile Accessibility

Nowadays most of the global workforce is familiar with mobile applications. This trend adds mobile integration into consideration. An employee engagement tool does not only assist in improving communication in the workplace but out of it too. So, if you want to keep your employees engaged on the go, you should consider this factor of mobile accessibility as well.

Customer Support

Solid customer support can be a helpful asset in your software journey. When you start using any new tool, issues might come up. Such issues in business terms can cost time and resources. Therefore, you might want to keep in mind the customer support service each vendor provides before proceeding with your final decision.

All the above tips will help you choose the best employee engagement software for your business needs.

Importance Of Employee Engagement Software Integrations

As a business manager, you have probably already been using several apps for your business. This is why it is important to keep integration in mind before choosing the right employee engagement tool. The software that you choose has to communicate well with valuable apps in data storage, communication, and management.

There are a plethora of tools that businesses use daily. For instance, you might prefer your tool to integrate with project management apps like Asana or Trello. In this way, you will save time and resources by adding data on both platforms at once. Additionally, you should check if the software you choose connects with the data storage and documentation platform your business uses (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc). Other examples of useful platforms are Mailchimp, Salesforce, WordPress, and DocuSign).

When your business uses multiple platforms for several aspects, you want them to work harmonically. This will not only minimize the risk of potential errors but also boost the overall performance. Additionally, it will speed up the processes and make the life of your workforce easier.

A smooth integration can offer the following benefits:

  • Faster in-app processes
  • Increased productivity
  • More accurate data analysis and customizable reporting
  • Enhanced security
  • Improved ease of use by the employees

Which Employee Engagement Software Is The Best For Your Needs?

Do you want to increase employee engagement with the right software? Then you are almost at the doorstep of your business transformation. A transformation that will create a democratic sphere in your workplace, increase the morale of your employees, and boost the overall performance. Since there are numerous choices in employee engagement tools, you should keep in mind several factors before choosing. You should analyze your business, compare vendors and then make the right choice.

First, know your business. In this step, you should answer questions regarding your goals, industry, and budget. Some examples are: Why do I need an employee engagement tool? Which of my business goals will it serve? What features do I need? How much am I willing to spend?

Then compare the employee engagement vendors. Answer the following: What does this employee engagement tool offer? What is the right pricing model for me? Does it offer employee engagement vendor help? This way, you will understand the market and find the most fitting software for your business.

Do you want to know which one is the best for you?

Then find and compare top employee engagement tools in eLearning Industry's directory.

Also, you can check out the latest employee engagement software reviews and ratings right now!

The Best Employee Engagement Software For 2024

The Best Employee Engagement Software For 2024
Summary: Want to see your team stand out? Leveraging the right tools leads to higher-performing teams faster. In this list, we've selected the best employee engagement software to help you keep a pulse on engagement levels, improve retention, and boost productivity.

Best Employee Engagement Software (2024 Edition)

Are you looking for the best employee engagement software in the market? You have certainly come to the right place!

Generally, organizations worldwide use employee engagement solutions to increase employee satisfaction and retain top talent. Is your goal set on helping your workers understand the mission and culture of your organization while performing at their best? By simplifying issues for Human Resources (HR) departments, these platforms empower workers to be more productive and effective.

What's the state of employee experience in your business at the moment you're reading this? You must find out.

Stimulating innovation, reducing turnover, and increasing profitability has never been easier. Thus, using one of the best employee engagement tools is your way to better engage permanent full- and part-time employees. And you can do so even if they are often on their smartphones or working remotely.

Although the biggest customers for employee engagement tools are companies like telephone, online contact, and service centers, other industries have started realizing the importance of such tools.

Do you aim to combat employee burnout, stress, and turnover for your business? In this list, you'll find top workforce engagement software to measure employee satisfaction and keep employees happy.

Let's see who won!

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Here Are The Best Employee Engagement Software Ranked

The Best Employee Engagement Software For 2024

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Powerful Experience Analytics To Continuously Improve Every Team Member's Experience

Are you looking to accomplish empathy at scale? Qualtrics has all the tools you need to ask the right questions and resolve issues promptly. It's an excellent platform to finally listen to your people's needs.

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  • Tackle Customer Frontlines
  • Create Better People Experiences
  • Use Insights To Get More ROI


  • Tackle Customer Frontlines

If you want to stop customer issues that keep hurting your revenue, Qualtrics is an excellent choice. Use the tool to improve and deliver better customer experiences across every touchpoint. Time to better serve your customers!

  • Create Better People Experiences

Well, you know what they say: with better people experiences, you get better business outcomes. It's all about improving the employee experience. Qualtrics not only helps you improve employee engagement and retention, but it's your way to maximize impact. It is time to focus on the moments that matter most along the employee journey—from recruitment to exit.

  • Use Insights To Get More ROI

With Qualtrics, you get to design products people actually love. Plus, you can increase market share and build enduring brands. Do you want to make smarter and faster business decisions? You can make it happen with this easy-to-use survey software and its predictive analytics capabilities.

Plans And Pricing

Did you know 18K brands and 99 of the top 100 business schools use Qualtrics? You can take advantage of this tool, too. To find your perfect price with Qualtrics, request a demo and talk with one of their reps.

A Leading Platform To Keep Employees Engaged And Build A World-Class Culture

As an employee surveying and feedback tool, Limeade Listening empowers HR leaders to drive organizational change. With its easy-to-use interface, you can engage, inspire, and connect with your people so that you can create happier employees.

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  • Enjoy Real-Time And Actionable Employee Feedback
  • Centralize Your Goals
  • Get Employee Feedback Without Fear


  • Enjoy Real-Time And Actionable Employee Feedback

If you care to boost employee happiness, morale, and productivity, Limeade Listening helps you create an engagement strategy that works. Leaders like you can use actionable data to improve the employee experience.

  • Centralize Your Goals

Limeade Listening is a great tool for creating and organizing your goals. Follow up on what you want to accomplish as a manager, but also improve employee productivity and performance. 

  • Get Employee Feedback Without Fear

Employee feedback is what will get your business going. And it will help improve processes along with the employee experience. This platform allows you to get anonymous feedback. Consequently, that ensures leaders that every employee speaks his/her mind without fear. 

Plans And Pricing  

Trusted by over 1K businesses, Limeade Listening helps you to improve engagement and take your workforce to the next level. Are you ready to build a world-class culture for your company? Visit their website for a quote. 

Keep Your Employees Engaged And Excited To Come To Work Every Day

As an employee recognition and rewards program, Motivosity is a fantastic engagement solution. It allows you to create a company culture that your employees won't want to leave. The platform helps you use gratitude and connectedness to achieve your goals and build better teams.  

Watch a demo to learn more about Motivosity and its features.

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  • Create Unforgettable Employee Experiences
  • Gather Valuable Employee Insights
  • Build A Culture Of Gratitude


  • Create Unforgettable Employee Experiences

With Motivosity, you can improve the employee experience. However, good employee experience is different for each individual. By implementing Motivosity, leaders can perfect the most important moments of the employee journey. It's your way to help all employees feel like they belong.

  • Gather Valuable Employee Insights

Can you even fathom how much you can do with robust and actionable data about your employees? Motivosity can visualize people metrics in different stages of the employee experience. That's what your executive team is craving, right?

  • Build A Culture Of Gratitude

Motivosity is a true game-changer. It empowers you to create positive employee experiences by leveraging recognition and awards. Now, saying "thank you" to your team members is easier than ever. 

Plans And Pricing  

Whether you are 50 or 5K-strong, you can ask for a custom quote. Plus, on their website you'll find a pricing calculator based on features and user count. Go check it out. 

A Market-Leading Platform To Engage Employees And Fuel Positive Change

Companies and leadership teams must ensure that important moments count. Don't you think it's time to be intentional about it? Culture Amp is the key. Use this tool to gather feedback and focus on improving the employee experience. Undoubtedly, you'll notice incredible ROI. Fixing employee engagement is what will help you improve retention, satisfaction, productivity, and more.

Learn more about how Culture Amp helps you drive engagement and boost performance.

For more about the User Experience, look at the Culture Amp reviews in our directory.


  • Create A People Strategy That Drives Performance
  • Robust Features And Pulse Survey Tools
  • Build High-Performing Teams


  • Create A People Strategy That Drives Performance

Times are changing, and it's getting more and more important to let employee voices be heard. Culture Amp empowers you to ask all the right questions and understand your people. That's how you make strategic decisions.

  • Robust Features And Pulse Survey Tools

Creating an employee experience that people love is what HR leaders and forward-thinking companies are after. Culture Amp has all the right tools and features to help you build a category-defining culture.

  • Build High-Performing Teams

Culture Amp has the ability to help you with continuous and effortless performance management. You can unlock performance at scale and aid your people to become the best version they can be. It's a true game-changer if you want to align employee development with business success.

Plans And Pricing around

More than 6.5K companies use Culture Amp to enhance their employee experience. Connect the dots and understand your employees with one of the best employee engagement software in the market. To select the right plan for your business, request a quote.

5. Lattice
Make People Ops Excel With Real-Time Insights About Your People

People leaders worldwide choose Lattice as their people management platform to build engaged, high-performing teams. This is a platform that empowers you to inspire winning cultures. At the end of it all, by using data insights, you can make strategic decisions and push your business forward.

Learn why Lattice has every tool you need to power strategic HR.

Visit our directory to explore Lattice reviews.


  • Gather Real-Time Data
  • Uncover What Drives Top Performers
  • Drive Business Results


  • Gather Real-Time Data

If you want to drive action and measure business impact, you need to get continuous real-time data. It's what will help you understand employee engagement and decide on what needs fixing to help your business excel.

  • Uncover What Drives Top Performers

Lattice allows for integrated performance and engagement metrics. You are now in a position to understand what kind of optimization is needed when it comes to employee experiences. Drive unparalleled engagement and peak performance with quantified data.

  • Drive Business Results

From hire to retire, you've got an all-in-one HR tool. You can collect feedback and discover insights that will help your decisions and future planning. Lattice is key if you want a solution that helps implement programs that boost productivity and improve retention.

Plans And Pricing

Pricing starts at $11/person per month, but you can select and build a talent suite that fits your needs. Request a demo and see how Lattice can best support your people strategy.

6. Axero
Flexible And Modern Collaboration Platform, Great Intranet Solution

Axero might be it if you're looking for an all-in-one solution for all your business communication and collaboration needs. As an award-winning intranet and employee experience platform, it makes it easy for companies to launch modern, mobile-friendly intranets.

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  • Fact-Check Anything
  • Unify Teams And Democratize All Comms
  • Unmatched Client Experience


  • Fact-Check Anything

Axero is the tool you need to create a culture of transparency and trust. The platform allows you to give your employees access to search and find all the information and resources they need to do their jobs.

  • Unify Teams And Democratize All Comms

With Axero, you can bring all your people, conversations, and documents into one central, instantly searchable modern intranet platform. Take advantage of Axero's powerful and easy-to-use publishing tools to create, coordinate, distribute, manage, execute, and analyze your internal and employee communication campaigns.

  • Unmatched Client Experience

Do you want to drive ROI and value? An intranet is a long-term investment. And with Axero, you can build a great partnership. Their customer support is brilliant; they make you feel like you are part of their team. Go ahead and visit their website to explore client success stories.

Plans And Pricing

If you want to create a connected space, this platform is ideal. From bringing people together and discussing objectives to working together on documents and sharing ideas, you'll see the engagement rate go through the roof. To learn how to provide this beautiful experience, visit Axero's website to request a demo and get pricing quotes.

Get Data-Driven Insights To Hire, Train, And Develop Your Performers

TalentClick is astonishingly affordable. Successful companies worldwide use it to build a happier, more productive, and engaged workforce. The platform lets managers get insights into employee development with its great reporting options. Plus, you get predictive data to improve hiring decisions. If you want to see the platform's capabilities, their website has a 7-day free trial.

Try TalentClick.

Explore TalentClick reviews.


  • Wide Variety Of Assessment Solutions
  • Affordable And Intuitive
  • Different From The Rest


  • Wide Variety Of Assessment Solutions

TalentClick offers a diverse bucket of employee assessment solutions. Get started to find out how you can drive actionable business intelligence. Using its insights, you're set to start building happier, safer, and more productive teams.

  • Affordable And Intuitive

Their unlimited use subscriptions are so inexpensive you can test all your employees or applicants. Best of all, the tools on TalentClick are fast and easy to use. Most importantly, they are scientifically validated.

  • Different From The Rest

TalentClick is different from its competitors on many levels. First off, their USP is their affordable unlimited use subscriptions. If you have a high number of employees in frontline positions, you'll love using this tool. Get predictive data on all your frontline workers and job applicants.

Plans And Pricing

The team at TalentClick has deep experience in a variety of industries. Hence, they offer solutions that any sector can leverage. Do you want an affordable unlimited use of behavioral and skills assessment subscriptions? With TalentClick, you can test from laborers up to executives. Visit their website to see pricing options along with the industries they serve. If you want to test the platform, you can start for free!

A Holistic Employee Experience Platform To Engage And Inspire Your Employees

WorkTango has the know-how to help you build a workplace that offers passion, growth, connection, inspiration, and fun. That's why the world's most forward-thinking companies use this platform to revolutionize how they engage and inspire their people.

Do you want to explore case studies and customer videos? Visit their website to learn more about WorkTango.

Head to our directory to read WorkTango reviews.


  • Empower Managers And Leaders
  • Unify Remote And Hybrid Teams
  • Cut Turnover And Keep Top Talent


  • Empower Managers And Leaders

WorkTango is a team that doesn't give up easily. And so should you. They never back down from a challenge because they have an owner's mindset. But greatness is not a destination. It's the journey to success that matters. They're always set on improving by getting 1% better every day. By empowering managers and leaders, they work with you together to achieve company goals and culture transformation.

  • Unify Remote And Hybrid Teams

Do you want to strengthen company culture even when your team is not in the office? WorkTango allows you to connect and engage scattered workforces. Leaders across the globe use WorkTango to create cohesive and collaborative cultures to reach business goals.

  • Cut Turnover And Keep Top Talent

With the right tools, you get to lift employee engagement. You'll love using WorkTango as your recognition and rewards, as well as your surveys and insights platform. It's your opportunity to maintain and improve culture amid rapid growth. Use WorkTango to transform your eNPS scores and skyrocket employee satisfaction rates.

Plans And Pricing

The team at WorkTango is passionate about making work better for everyone. And that means not only their team's work but also that of their customers. They work with you and are committed to helping you grow and succeed. There are different pricing options with employee surveys and insights, starting at a minimum annual contract agreement of $8,000. For more options, visit their website.

4.9/5 (1 reviews)
An Intelligent Platform That Empowers HR Leaders To Make Better People Decisions

intelliHR is a best-in-class people platform that helps growing organizations solve complex challenges with an intelligent, human approach. The platform is backed by powerful people data. Are you on a mission to create a happier workforce?

Take a quick tour of intelliHR; book a demo.

Don't forget to visit our directory to read intelliHR reviews.


  • Ideal For Progressive Leaders
  • Deep Workforce Data And Real-Time Insights
  • Champions Of Employee Well-Being And Culture


  • Ideal For Progressive Leaders

Your people must be at the heart of your business strategy. If you're one of those progressive leaders emphasizing workforce well-being and culture, you'll love working with this platform. In just a few clicks, find out how your workforce is performing.

  • Deep Workforce Data And Real-Time Insights

You've got all the data you need at your fingertips to make the right people decisions. Visualize your people's data easily. And if you want more, dive deeper to see what makes each team or individual unique. Understand the metrics that matter the most and start creating happy, high-performing teams!

  • Champions Of Employee Well-Being And Culture

Do you want to retain your top talent? intelliHR has purpose-built features that put your people first. Take advantage of engagement tools and track everyday performance with deep workforce data. After these insights, you can lead your people and culture strategy with a greater impact.

Plans And Pricing

Some of the brightest people managers use intelliHR to transform their workforce. Do you want to learn how they simplify strategic decision making and help improve work culture? Contact their team to learn more about its features and pricing plan options.

Experts At Helping Organizations Build High-Performing Cultures

Be it working with IT, HR, or marketing groups, Intranet Connections is an intelligent solution that helps you get control of all your employee experience. Best of all, you can improve your processes from onboarding to communications and beyond. They specialize in these industries: finance, healthcare, and corporate.

Ready to control your employee experience? Get a demo!

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  • Numerous Success Stories
  • Employee Engagement Guaranty
  • An All-In-One Solution


  • Numerous Success Stories

Intranet Connections have been helping organizations improve and grow for over 20 years. Visit their website to see what they've been up to. Maybe you'll get inspired to add your story to their collection of success stories.

  • Employee Engagement Guaranty

Disengagement is contagious, but Intranet Connections is the key to making your employees show up and perform. Forget about negative attitudes, lack of participation, and poor performance. Leaders who use the platform can get right back on track!

  • An All-In-One Solution

Presence is a human experience that most of us are unable to obtain. But we need to seize every moment. However, being present needs practice and care. That's what Intranet Connections accomplishes for your business. Help your teams see your company in a new light with its tools and features.

Plans And Pricing

Just take a simple look at these numbers:

    • 1600+ Organizations connected
    • 100K daily users
    • 10+ years of average customer life

With Intranet Connections, you can get maximum value from your investment.

There are two plans:

    • Cloud-Based
      Managed and hosted for you, starting at $9.5K/year.
    • On-Premise
      Manage data in-house, starting at $19K for the first year, $3.8K/year starting year two.

However, you can request a custom quote by visiting their website.

Fully Customizable Engagement Surveys For Insightful Reporting

Flex Surveys is a platform that leads to organizational success with the utmost flexibility. It is an excellent tool to get meaningful insights and decide on your action plan. And their pricing won't break the bank.

Ready to see why this is one of the best employee engagement software?

Book a demo.

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  • Variety Of Deployment Methods
  • Advanced Metrics
  • Experts When You Need Them


  • Variety Of Deployment Methods

Whether your employees are in the office or not, you can run your surveys efficiently. From sending general survey links and unique email invitations to text messages and offline tablets, anything is possible.

  • Advanced Metrics

Flex Surveys help you customize your survey efforts. Whether employee NPS, benchmarking, or engagement assessments, you've got all the tools to incorporate advanced metrics.

  • Experts When You Need Them

Their support team is superb. Dedicated to your needs, they'll help you throughout the whole survey process. Get answers as the team guides you every step of the way to develop your questionnaire. Plus, they'll give extra tips by recommending strategies to boost survey participation.

Plans And Pricing

If you're done with the outrageous prices that consulting companies ask for, it's a great solution. Flex Surveys offers a variety of employee satisfaction survey packages. Their team of experts provides all you'll ever need to conduct an employee satisfaction survey without breaking the bank.

12. Jostle
Essential Tool For Modern Workplaces Wanting To Create A Thriving Company Culture

Jostle is an employee success platform you can use anywhere, anytime. Leave the wall of frustration behind and get all you need in a single place. A tool that helps you bridge your silos and create a focal point for communication and celebration. Ready to join the 1000+ companies that Jostle has helped enjoy success?

Get a demo.

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  • Bring Everyone Together
  • Help Each Employee Succeed
  • Numerous Success Stories


  • Bring Everyone Together

With Jostle, companies get an easy way to centralize communications. It's better than an intranet, for sure. Allow Jostle to be your communications hub while bringing your culture to life.

  • Help Each Employee Succeed

For every team member to feel successful, you've got to help them realize that a) they belong to a thriving culture and b) they are making contributions that matter. Leaders around the globe use Jostle's success framework to improve performance and productivity.

  • Numerous Success Stories

Do you want to see what extraordinary workplaces look like? Make sure to visit their website and take a look at the endless success stories. You'll find a dedicated section with case studies from their customers, along with awards won.

Plans And Pricing

Jostle has everything you'll ever need to enable your employees. They are known for their transparent pricing. And don't worry about setup fees—none included. Based on how many employees you have, you'll get a different price. Visit their website to see for yourself.

13. Kudos
An Award-Winning Employee Recognition Platform For More Impact On EX

A fantastic platform that helps leaders leverage the power of peer recognition, pulse surveys, and analytic insights. Do you want to build a world-class culture that everyone would envy? Rewards and recognition are the key.

Request a demo to start engaging your employees.

Make sure to visit our directory to read Kudos reviews.


  • Create A Workplace Culture That Shines
  • Recognize And Reward Employees
  • Leverage Analytics For Change


  • Create A Workplace Culture That Shines

Successes and milestones should be celebrated. With Kudos, you'll never miss an important moment again. It's time to show your people that they're not just a number—they matter. Use Kudos to make sense of all the complex relationships within your teams. Then you can optimize performance.

  • Recognize And Reward Employees

By providing motivation for team members, you can get faster to where you want to be as a business. Clarify goals and boost engagement by creating an effective awards program for your employees.

  • Leverage Analytics For Change

If you want to change things in your organization, you must first know where you stand. Kudos People Analytics is an easy and clear way to get actionable data anytime you want, no matter where you are.

Plans And Pricing

Do you want to drive performance, increase engagement, lower turnover, and build a stronger culture? Request a personalized demo to learn pricing options and how Kudos can help achieve your company goals.

Great Tool For Managers Who Want To Build A Better, More Productive Workplace

Leaders looking to make critical business decisions backed by insights have much to gain from SurveyMonkey Enterprise. Its customers vary from freelancers and large enterprises to mid-size businesses and small businesses.

Learn why 95% of the Fortune 500 trust this leading survey platform.

Visit our website to read SurveyMonkey Enterprise reviews.


  • Gather Feedback
  • Drive Satisfaction
  • Easy And Secure


  • Gather Feedback

With SurveyMonkey Enterprise, rest assured that you can gather all the feedback you need. Be it feedback from customers, employees, or your target market, you can get the insights you need for better business decisions.

  • Drive Satisfaction

With such an easy-to-use solution designed to drive customer and employee satisfaction, the sky is the limit. Businesses that can leverage SurveyMonkey Enterprise include sectors like IT, healthcare, education, and more.

  • Easy And Secure

Different sectors can use SurveyMonkey Enterprise to collect and assess survey responses. You don't have to worry about securing confidential data as an admin. All abide by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The same goes regarding the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) compliance standards.

Plans And Pricing

SurveyMonkey Enterprise uses a subscription-based pricing model. If you want to take a sneak peek, sign up for a free trial! For more info, please visit their website.

15. Refresh
Makes It Easy For Managers To Show Their Team Matters

Refresh is an engagement solution for the 21st-century workforce. It is a must-have in your toolkit if you want to address employee needs while improving communication, team building, and culture. Ready to start delivering valuable yet flexible HR solutions? This is a turnkey decision.

Visit their website to get a product tour of Refresh.

Go to our directory to read Refresh reviews.


  • Drive Engagement
  • Delight Every Employee
  • Integrated Offering


  • Drive Engagement

Incentivize employees to participate across the board. Reward them for watching videos or completing eLearning while improving communication. Run employee polling, event ticketing, and more.

  • Delight Every Employee

You get to provide something for everyone. From surveying to keeping connected when working on hybrid more, there's nothing you can't accomplish. Run competitions in fitness or learning tasks across teams.

  • Integrated Offering

You can now tailor complete HR programs with infinite segmentation. Refresh offers live services combined with functional digital modules. Use their detailed analytics to find meaning and improve your programs.

Plans And Pricing

To learn more about pricing options for Refresh, please visit their website and reserve a demo. Each business has different needs, so their experts can guide you accordingly.

16. Awardco
An Innovative Platform For Employee Rewards And Meaningful Recognition

The team that Awardco knows firsthand that recognizing and rewarding employees improves satisfaction, performance, and efficiency. This tool makes recognizing and rewarding people easier and more effective for your whole organization. Do you want to learn about the ROI they can drive for you?

Build a world-class culture with Awardco!

Read Awardco reviews in our directory.


  • Budget-Friendly Recognition
  • Amazon Integration
  • Easy To Use And Fast


  • Budget-Friendly Recognition

With Awardco, you've got it all at a reasonable price. From boosting productivity and reducing costs to building a culture that attracts top talent, you've got a platform to reach your goals.

  • Amazon Integration

The team at Awardco is an official employee recognition partner of Amazon. Get access to millions of reward options on a global scale to improve the employee experience.

  • Easy To Use And Fast

Awardco is rewarding for employees and stress-free for admins. Use it for employee wellness, engaging remote workers, giving awards for safety program completions, or even for sales incentives.

Plans And Pricing

Awardco is a simple, cost-effective, all-in-one recognition platform. Organizations with less than 300 employees can choose between these two pricing options:

    • lite
    • go

You can also foster a culture of appreciation by asking for a custom quote on these plans:

    • Core
      Enterprise scale, SMB simplicity
    • Plus
      Rewards and recognition for enterprise organizations
    • Pro
      Custom, full-service rewards and recognition

Visit their website for more info.

17. Efectio
Ideal Tool To Discover What Truly Inspires Your Team

Efectio is one of the best employee engagement platforms for changing the work environment. From smart gamification, surveys, and to-do lists to rewarding employee engagement, leveraging social intranets and employee player types will be vital in obtaining insights into employee preferences and values. 

Start an Efectio free trial

Explore Efectio reviews.


  • AI-Powered People Analytics
  • Science And Data
  • All-In-One Solution


  • AI-Powered People Analytics

Do you want to reduce employee turnover and improve cost savings? You got it all with one tool. Efectio is critical to creating a more engaged workforce, as it's based on top-class gamification.

  • Science And Data

With Efectio, you get an innovative tool based on science and data. Not only will they help you get employees more engaged with your company's culture, but they'll also reveal the true potential within your workforce. 

  • All-In-One Solution

An all-in-one tool with deep data analytics. Efectio helps leaders like you identify company strengths and weaknesses. You can leverage data-generated suggestions to grow your people and your business.

Plans And Pricing

Efectio is an excellent employee engagement solution for a productive and happy workforce. It includes everything you need to analyze intrinsic and extrinsic employee motivation.

You can try it for free or choose one of the following plans: 

    • Basic €15/month per user  
    • Advanced €25/month per user 

Enterprises can request a custom quote. Please note that there's a 20% discount if you choose annual payment instead of monthly. For more info, make sure to visit their website. 

18. LumApps
Modern Workforces Use It For Better Communication, Engagement, And Instant Access

A true SaaS platform to help you lead employee experience in modern organizations. LumApps is the employee experience platform you need if you plan to scale. After all, some of the largest enterprises in the world use it to create better teams.

Are you looking for an answer to today's intranet needs?

Learn more about LumApps.

Explore LumApps reviews.


  • AI Technology
  • Easily Accessible
  • Numerous Success Stories


  • AI Technology

LumApps makes it easy for leaders to offer ultra-personalized content at their employees' fingertips. From recommended articles, videos, and news to various communities to join, you have a platform that feeds your people with real-time content.

  • Easily Accessible

Your employees can access the platform across any device or language. With LumApps, you can tailor each experience to each employee's unique needs, from executives and managers to frontline workers. Best of all? It integrates with collaboration suites.

  • Numerous Success Stories

Their customer service is impeccable. LumApps manages to serve prominent companies like The Economist, Electronic Arts, Valeo, Veolia, Airbus, and Air Liquide. They can support more than 4 million users worldwide. If you're looking for success stories, LumApps was named a Leader in the following reports: a) 2022 Forrester Wave™ b) 2021 IDC MarketScape™.

Plans And Pricing

This is an excellent solution to empower employees, enhance productivity, and keep connected. LumApps offers different license packs:

    • Business
    • Professional
    • Enterprise
    • Frontline Worker

For more information on pricing options, visit their website.

Empowers HR And People Leaders To Build An Engaged Workforce

With Empuls as your employee engagement platform, you can reward and celebrate your people any time you want. Your employees are your biggest competitive advantage, and with this tool you can unlock their true potential.

Learn more about Xoxo Empuls.

Read Xoxo Empuls reviews.


  • Get Real-Time Feedback
  • Build A Culture Of Recognition
  • Bring A Sense Of Connectedness


  • Get Real-Time Feedback

Empuls is packed with built-in surveys, employee NPS, and pulse surveys. You've got all the tools you need to know what your employees think. With its built-in gamification, you can increase engagement holistically. Great way to improve employee experience, right?

  • Build A Culture Of Recognition

From peer-to-peer recognition to automating and configuring reward workflows, Empuls enables your employees to experience moments of praise or appreciation. Use Empuls to drive multidimensional employee engagement. 

  • Bring A Sense Of Connectedness

With Empuls, the leaders of today get to build trust with consistent communication. It's the social intranet you need to keep connections alive, even if you work with distributed teams.

Plans And Pricing

Feeling ready to address the needs of everyone in your workplace? From people leaders and business leaders to HR and employees, you've got an all-in-one tool to align every team member with the company's culture, mission, and vision. Most importantly, you have a solution that allows you to connect and motivate employees for better business results and better company culture. 

    • Reward and Recognize

Motivate your employees at €3 per employee/month, billed annually.

    • Surveys

Listen to your employees at €3 per employee/month, billed annually.

    • Social Intranet

Build a winning culture at €1 per employee/month, billed annually.

    • Perks and Benefits

Ensure employee well-being at €2 per employee/month, billed annually.

For more info, feel free to visit their website and talk to an expert. 

20. ChartHop
Your Central Hub For People Ops

With ChartHop, HR and people leaders can unify your people data and people ops. Having an all-in-one platform like ChartHop empowers your teams with data-driven people insights.

Ready to experience modern HR at its finest?

Request a demo.

Explore ChartHop reviews.


  • People Analytics
  • Unified Platform
  • People-First And Data-Driven


  • People Analytics

Bring all the important data you need into one central platform. Be it your org chart, headcount planning, compensation reviews, surveys and feedback, or performance reviews, you're covered.

  • Unified Platform

Everyone can benefit from getting your teams connected across the organization, from people leaders, people ops teams, finance leaders, talent acquisition teams, and managers to employees and executives. Leverage engagement metrics, track performance, and get employee feedback to create a better organization.

  • People-First And Data-Driven

Use real-time data to plan collaboratively. With such a configurable platform, you can visualize all your people data. Let ChartHop be the central hub that everyone can access. And with its flexible reporting, you can slice and dice data any way you need. Dive into the insights to make data-driven decisions so that you can manage organizational health and growth effectively.

Plans And Pricing

ChartHop Basic is free for your first 150 employees. When you exceed that number, they will charge you $2 for every additional employee.

On their website, you'll also find these packages:

    • ChartHop Standard
    • ChartHop Premium

For more info, we suggest you talk to one of their experts.

Discover Your Ideal Employee Engagement Software
Save time and money. Compare top employee engagement software by features, reviews, and rating!

Top List Ranking: eLearning Industry's Engagement Software Selection Criteria

Globally recognized eLearning experts, including C. Pappas and our Editorial team, thoroughly reviewed each vendor's eligibility. After checking relevant content publications by vendors (articles, eBooks, webinars), our committee ranked the best employee engagement solutions based on the following nine criteria:

  • Customer support
  • Customer experience
  • Software features
  • Software innovation
  • Customer reviews
  • Economic growth potential
  • Company's customer retention
  • Employee turnover
  • Company's social responsibility

After having gone through our top best employee engagement software list rankings, you're one step closer to choosing the best platform for your business. We've added some tips and insights below to help you decide which is the best employee engagement software for your needs. Dive right in before making your final decision!

Main Benefits Of Employee Engagement Tools

Sure, you've seen the best employee engagement software ranked, but can you grasp the benefits of using such a tool?

Undoubtedly, work culture is one of the most critical factors regarding job happiness. But to have happy employees, you need to know how engaged they are with your business. And get feedback on how they feel about working for you.

What expectations do they have? Is there anything else besides improving employee experience and team culture? You can get all these answers by utilizing the right tools.

So, here are the main benefits of employee engagement software:

  • Gives employees a voice
  • Focuses on people analytics
  • Improves onboarding
  • Higher retention rate
  • Lower turnover rate
  • Increases productivity
  • Lowers risk of burnout
  • Less stress
  • Boosts creativity
  • Drives innovation

Having a thriving company culture is the nuts and bolts that get you results in money and innovation. Believe it or not, employee satisfaction and engagement may be simpler than you think.

Above all, every manager desires to lead employees who are committed and engaged. It drives better team performance, as individual engagement leads to team engagement. The same goes for productivity. To achieve team objectives and higher-quality work, you must check in on employee engagement. And remember, focus on creating strong ambassadorship and enhancing your employer brand.

However, as you explore improving retention and productivity, don't underestimate the value of an engaged workforce. You can help your employees unleash their full potential with the right software.

Best Employee Engagement Software Comparison, Evaluation, And Selection

Have you ever wondered what companies with the highest employee satisfaction do right? What about companies with high employee engagement? Indeed, there's one thing they have in common: they care about their employees and are set on getting feedback.

Many things play into this, but to have genuinely engaged teams means you need to go from being good to being great. Of course, there will be challenges along the way. But it's up to you to turn setbacks into opportunities. Evidently, for your people to give it their all, the employee engagement tool you choose must have certain features to get the job done.

So, which are the must-have features of the best employee engagement software?

  • Seamless integration and a growing solution ecosystem
  • Ease of use and automation
  • AI-powered functions
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Training and expert support

In addition, apart from the features, here's what to look for when choosing tools for employee engagement:

  • Specify your needs and feature requirements
  • Explore what insights and analytics are provided
  • Request a free trial
  • Explore user reviews

Most employee engagement tools offer surveys, engagement analytics, and listening capabilities. This gives you the chance to capture and measure employee feedback. Ultimately, you can draw insights and drive engagement. However, sophisticated employee engagement platforms take it a step further. For example, the integration of predictive intelligence and Machine Learning will help leaders uncover insights never thought of before.

And, as you already know, engagement is just a single metric. Be that as it may, it is no longer enough. In fact, nowadays, it's all about improving the employee experience.

To conclude, we hope you've found all you need and are now ready to choose one of the best employee engagement software for your business.

Key Take Away

According to experts and recent research, the millennial and Gen Z workforce demand change regarding how they work. Not only do they want better work-life balance, but they are also looking for improved Learning and Development opportunities. Hence, companies with the highest employee engagement focus on what employees want and improve all the above.

With that in mind, your organization needs the right tools to improve engagement and act on employee experience gaps. In reality, you'll be able to understand employee sentiment and pulse.

Do you want to create a team of enthusiastic go-getters? What about fueling each other's brilliance? Thankfully, implementing one of the best employee engagement tools can take you there.

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